The Address of Government Agent




Dear visitor,

The Republic of Armenia has been developing its legal system based on supremacy of human dignity, fundamental principles of real protection of human rights and freedoms. This implies undertaking of systemic measures capable of ensuring their full realisation both at the legislative level and in practice. Such approach is aiming to ensure that human rights are protected not only from violations but also from possible threats.

The European legal system, the roots of which are coming from the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms adopted by the Council of Europe in 1950 is first of all aimed at solving this primary issue. The purpose of the Convention is not only to secure human rights and fundamental freedoms but also to adopt effective guarantees of judicial protection of those basic values. First of all, it concerns the European Court of Human Rights and regulatory influence of its jurisprudence.      

The institute of Government Representative before the European Court is an integral part of the Convention system complementing the judicial system instituted by the Convention.

According to the new approach adopted by the Council of Europe, the role of Government Representative should not be limited to submitting observations to the European Court and representing the State interests before the Court. The role of Government Representative is more than that: it is meant to facilitate the introduction of the European legal standards in the country. It implies implementation of comprehensive activities that will make the system of human rights protection more reliable by contributing to prevention of human rights future violations.      

In these circumstances the active collaboration with the Parliament, courts and other state authorities is fairly highlighted. An important condition for the full implementation of European Court's standards is also targeted cooperation with the civil society and human rights institutions. The mentioned is the highest guarantee for the effectiveness of human rights protection activities.

Thus, the Representative of the Republic of Armenia before the European Court guarantees promotion of free exercise of human rights, introduction of real mechanisms for their protection having fundamental task to ensure full and effective execution of European Court’s judgments.